Welcome || ברוכים הבאים

The Hebrew Café (בית הקפה לשפה העברית) is here to help you learn Hebrew (עברית). Whether you’re a new immigrant (♂ עולה חדש or ♀ עולה חדשה) to the State of Israel (מדינת ישראל), a tourist (תייר or תיירת) coming for your first visit in Tel Aviv (תל אביב), or experienced visitors to the many beautiful sites in the Holy Land (ארץ הקודש), we are here to meet with you and help you learn to express yourself like a native (כמו מקומי).

Why Learn Hebrew? || למה ללמוד עברית?

Why would someone today want to learn the Hebrew language? There are actually a lot of reasons that you could come up with. Here are a few:

To visit the State of Israel. One might want to visit Israel, and any time you visit a foreign country, it is certainly considerate to try and learn some travel vocabulary before arriving. One of our goals here will be to help you learn some travel vocabulary as preparation for going to the State of Israel. This will include short lessons on greetings, numbers, question words for the market, ways to ask for help and directions, et cetera.
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To read the Jewish Scriptures. The Jewish Scriptures, also known as the Hebrew Bible or the Tanach (תנ"ך), are written in the ancient Hebrew language (called “the language of Canaan” [שפת כנען (cf. Isa. 19:18)] or “Judahite” [יהודית (cf. Isa. 36:11,13; Neh. 13:24; 2 Kings 18:26,28; 2 Chron. 32:18)] in the Bible itself). Every year, tons of Jews and Christians take up the challenge of learning Hebrew in order to have access to the text of the Bible in ways that one cannot access it in English translation.

To successfully immigrate to Israel. For those who immigrate to the State of Israel (called עולים “ones who ascend”), the best success can be had only by learning to interact in the Hebrew language.

To create deeper connections with Israelis. Whether we’re talking about Israeli friends or lovers, the deepest connections can be formed with them by communicating in their language. Israelis can be found all over the world, and you will make them feel welcome where you are by learning to speak some simple Hebrew expressions.

To recite Jewish prayer. Programs like NJOP’s Read Hebrew America and Canada have been constructed in such a way as to introduce North Americans to the basic principles of reading the Hebrew alphabet. The ultimate goal? To help facilitate use of the Jewish prayer book (סידור) and Bible (תנ"ך) in religious contexts.

Whatever your purpose in learning Hebrew, whether it is one of the above or something else that inspires you, we hope to provide you with some tools that will assist you in the process of learning/acquiring the language.

Good luck!