Jason is an effective and enjoyable teacher. Quite apart from his thorough knowledge of Hebrew, he communicates well and listens well. Jason is dedicated to maximizing the learning by his students and is not shy of doing the necessary work to make the course a success. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone who wants to learn Biblical Hebrew.

John Bloggs

This was actually the most enjoyable course that I have taken ever. The lessons were carefully arranged to the most logical manner that even a beginner like me was able to cope with those who have Hebrew background. The discussions and exercises were straight forward. While there are difficult parts in the textbook, Jason was able to present the materials better, paving the way for an effective learning and knowledge retention. Jason has been very mindful of his students, adapting to their capabilities without sacrificing the target schedule. I have searched for a lot of online courses out there before, even YouTube videos, but this course provided by Jason was like no other. Within 3 sessions, I was set to start reading Hebrew words already. I will forever be indebted to The Hebrew Café, most especially to Jason Hare, for helping me learn to read and comprehend Biblical Hebrew.

Geovani Buenafe

I have been a student of ancient languages for many years (Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic). Over that time, I have used a number of tutors, participated in online classes, and purchased numerous video courses. I have just finished Jason’s Hebrew Café course and cannot recommend it more highly. Jason has a great personality and knows how to convey information. He expertly conducted the class with a variety of skill levels participating. Jason is rare find: he thoroughly knows the language, but, more importantly, he knows how to teach it. I would readily sign up for any course Jason teaches in the future. He has my highest recommendation.

Michael Overly