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We are looking for those who wish to and are able to write blog posts regarding the Hebrew language. Among others, some relevant topics might be:

    • Learning strategies.
    • Grammar.
    • Syntax.
    • Textual issues.

If you would like to contribute to our blog, read this page and then let us know by filling out this form.

In the meantime, enjoy reading the posts that we have already created. Feel free to respond with questions and criticism.

Upcoming Courses

The Hebrew Café seeks to offer quality courses in ancient and modern Hebrew at a reasonable price.

Check the blog soon for announcements of upcoming courses.

We will also make any relevant announcements on our Facebook group.


Current Standard Rates
Courses: $300 per student
Tutoring: $30 per hour



Social Media

Our Facebook group is growing by the day. You are welcome to use it as a place to meet other people who are interested in Hebrew or ask questions.

Our YouTube channel contains a set of freely available videos of a full two-segment course (HE101 and HE102) utilizing Karl Kutz and Rebekkah Josberger’s Learning Biblical Hebrew textbooks.

We are thinking of new ways to use the YouTube channel on a more regular basis to continue to provide free Hebrew instruction.

Here’s what a couple of our students have to say…

I have been a student of ancient languages for many years (Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic). Over that time, I have used a number of tutors, participated in online classes, and purchased numerous video courses. I have just finished Jason’s Hebrew Café course and cannot recommend it more highly.

  • Michael Overly

I have searched for a lot of online courses out there before, even YouTube videos, but this course provided by Jason was like no other. Within 3 sessions, I was set to start reading Hebrew words already. I will forever be indebted to the Hebrew Café, most especially to Jason Hare, for helping me learn to read and comprehend Biblical Hebrew.

  • Geovani Buenafe