Courses in modern Hebrew are on their way. In the meantime, feel free to join our Facebook group and ask whatever questions you might have about using Hebrew day-to-day!

Intermediate Biblical Hebrew (HE102, Fall 2020)

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Dec 15, 2020

We’re about to begin a group study of Cook and Holmstedt’s Intermediate Hebrew: An Illustrated Grammar (Baker, 2020). Those who are interested should contact Jonathan. The cost for the course is $200.

Rabbinic Hebrew (Free)

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Dec 13, 2020

Rabbinic Hebrew, the language of the Jewish sages from the time of the Second Temple and just after, represents a period in the history of the language in which Hebrew had ceased to be spoken in most places as a native language. However, the amount of literature preserved in the language is massive. It includes […]

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— Desiderius Erasmus

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