Jason hare

hebrew teacher and Site Founder


Jason (“Guy”) Hare grew up in a small town in Southwest Missouri, where he attended OCC for three years and studied Greek and Hebrew. As he undertook conversion to Judaism, the Hebrew language and the text of the תָּנָ״ךְ became his passion in life.

Shortly after earning his degree in philosophy and Spanish language at MSSU, he moved to Israel, where he has been for the past thirteen years. From Israel, he set up the Hebrew Café, an online home for Hebrew learning and discussion of issues relating to Jewish faith and identity (see the online forum for more information).

For the past decade, Jason has offered Hebrew instruction to dozens of individual students online. Recently, he has expanded his instruction to include full-course biblical studies. The present course can be viewed in its entirety on our YouTube channel, which was coupled with a Moodle learning environment to complete the materials for the course.

Jason is currently a moderator on both B-Greek and B-Hebrew web forums in addition to the Hebrew Café forum. He teaches classes in both Greek and Hebrew on Zoom and is looking forward to meeting you.

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jonathan Beck

Hebrew Teacher (M.A., M.Div)

Jonathan first learned Hebrew in High School and continued learning through college and graduate school. He  has spent nearly the last two decades studying Hebrew, and nearly as long tutoring and teaching it. Jonathan holds a Master of Divinity and a Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies, with a focus on Hebrew/Old Testament and Interpretation. 

Jonathan also spent a year abroad in Bolivia, teaching Hebrew and Bible courses (in Spanish!) at Bolivian Evangelical University in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. It was hard, yet rewarding!

He has nearly ten years of experience in teaching Bible and Spanish in an online environment.

In his free time, Jonathan enjoys playing the piano, singing, watching NetFlix and playing video games.  But Hebrew is his favorite!

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Our students come from a variety of backgrounds. From the United States to the Philippines and Australia, we have a fellowship of students who come from all over the world to learn Hebrew to meet their personal goals. You’re welcome to join that fellowship, to make friends with other learners across the globe at the Hebrew Café. Come meet people on our Facebook user group!