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  O Israel Why...?
Posted by: Nooone - Yesterday, 06:38 PM - Forum: Israel - Replies (1)

I came across a reports that 86 Israeli POWS were killed after capture in the 1973 war ..that this information was not released to the public but only to the Knesset....

why Israel hast thou remained silent when they sons and daugthers are killed by the heirs of Amalek; Haman; Hitler and the Grand Mufti?

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Tongue Three discouraging stories that I read...
Posted by: Nooone - Yesterday, 10:57 AM - Forum: Israel - Replies (1)

A story that shocked and stunned me....
Head of major Israeli Jail: Female soldiers were prostituted to terrorist inmates (israel365news.com)

O Israel is it too much to ask:
1} Any women in Prision service should have mininal contact with men; let it be largly in Administration so as to release able bodied men for prison service; and if they be guards put them in charge of women [ such as putting men in charge of men]
(one readon I do not beleive women in military service should not be beside men in combat but seperate roles]

and also came across this:
How do you persuade the ultra-Orthodox to eat nutritious meals and prevent chronic diseases when they believe the Messiah will come tomorrow? (israel365news.com)

Oh men of Israel..Is it too much to ask to eat a sensible healty diet?

And just this minuite
Israel caves to Waqf pressure: Removes Menorah from Tomb of Samuel the Prophet (israel365news.com)
Samuel was a  prophet to the Jewish Not Arab Nation,,,,,,

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  How to Identify “Palestinian” Arab Mouthpiece Propaganda “Comfort-websites"
Posted by: Robert - 11-25-2021, 03:40 PM - Forum: Israel - Replies (6)

Pro-“Palestinian” Arabs often refer the reader to Pro-“Palestinian” Arab Mouthpiece Propaganda “Comfort-websites”, in support of false-allegations against Israel.
Pro-“Palestinian” Arabs should be invited to obtain their information from places other than such pro-“Palestinian” Arab mouthpiece propaganda-comfort-websites.
Pro-“Palestinian” Arab “propaganda-comfort-websites” are where pro-Palestinians, “Palestinian” Arabs, anti-Semites, and Neo Nazis, typically go, for the comfort of having their anti-Semitic falsehoods against Israel and their revisionist-history, reinforced by false non-verifiable propaganda.
Here “Comfort” means reinforcing unverifiable and prejudiced-opinion or mass-produced propaganda, within a comfort-zone that avoids:
Factual-information supported by objective-sources.
“Palestinian” Arab “propaganda-comfort websites” being by their very nature, Not-objective, their content is likely to be both Unverifiable, and Untrustworthy.
Why do the anti-Semitic supporters of the “Palestinian” Arabs assert against Israel falsehood-opinion devoid of any objective-evidence, as “fact”?
Because they assume the reader will likely be anti-Semitic, and thus Willing to accept what they say while Unwilling to demand objective-verification.

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  How easy is it to identify “Palestinian” Arab falsehood-propaganda?
Posted by: Robert - 11-25-2021, 02:55 PM - Forum: Israel - Replies (4)

How to recognize “Palestinian” Arab Falsehood-Propaganda:
False-claims / false accusations / conspiracy theories against: “Israel” / the “Jews” / “Zionists”, often as stock-phrases, insulting the reader’s intelligence by being provided with:
No detail(s), no objective-sources; zero evidence.
When are falsehoods (often alleged as “criticism”) against Jews/Israel, typically due to anti-Semitism?:
UNSUBSTANTIATED-allegations that insult the reader’s intelligence, by being typically-alleged, with:
No detail(s), no objective-sources; zero evidence.
Falsehoods against Jews/Israel, typically characterized by a failure to accept internationally-accepted history, or purporting a revisionist history of the dispute over the land of Israel.
From this we can conclude that the anti-Semitic psychological-desire for the genocide of the Jewish people now presents as the desire to destroy Israel.
Example questions characterized by anti-Jewish hatred posing as anti-Israel / anti-Zionist - See image of combined screen-captures (also as attached):
Why do pro-“Palestinian” Arab contributors typically allege unprovable-falsehood against Israel? Because they assume most people are anti-Semitic and so willing to accept the propaganda without requiring any objective-verification.
Perhaps pro-Palestinian Arabs may believe their asserted falsehoods; yet falsehood and nonsense it must remain, while provided devoid of supporting objective-evidence.

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  Why the “Palestinian” Arabs falsely-accuse Israel of Oppression and Persecution
Posted by: Robert - 11-23-2021, 11:06 PM - Forum: Israel - No Replies

“Palestinian” Arab propaganda falsely-accuses Israel / the Jews of “oppression” / persecution, to try to dishonestly-invoke and misuse the Islamic rules on defense against persecution of Islam (see noble Quran: Surah 2, Al-Baqarah: vv. 190-193), and At-Taubah, 9: v. 36, following:
Quranic provision for Jihad (holy war / here defence) against persecution of Islam: 
- - - - Start of translation extracts from the noble Quran: - - - -
Surah (chapter) 2, Al-Baqarah (The Cow), verses 190 to 193:

190. And fight in the Way of Allah those who fight you, but transgress not the limits. Truly, Allah likes not the transgressors. [This Verse is the first one that was revealed in connection with Jihad, but it was supplemented by another (V.9:36)].
[Jihad part of v.9:36, see also below.]
191. And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah is worse than killing. And fight not with them at Al-Masjid-al-Haram (the sanctuary at Makkah), unless they (first) fight you there. But if they attack you, then kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers.
192. But if they cease, then Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
193. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah) and (all and every kind of) worship is for Allah (Alone). But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun (the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.)
Extract source:
Surah (chapter) 9, At-Taubah (The Repentance), (part relating to Jihad) verse 36:

36. [...] fight against the Mushrikun (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah) collectively , as they fight against you collectively. But know that Allah is with those who are Al-Muttaqun (the pious – see V.2:2).
Extract source:

- - - - End of translation extracts from the noble Quran - - - -
The above Quranic extracts provide for defence against persecution of Islam, but Israel / the Jews have NOT persecuted Islam; and consequently there is also no such evidence.
This is not a religious dispute, but rather is due to the territorial-ambitions based on unverifiable claims, of those Arabs who now call themselves “Palestinians”, over the land of Israel. There has never been an indigenous “Palestine” / Arab sovereign state on which the “Palestinian” Arabs could claim theft, or make any claim on any part of the land of Israel.
The Jewish people / Israel, are NO enemy to Islam. The “Palestinian” Arabs falsely-allege that they are, and that they are “oppressors”; but they make such false-allegations because they seek to dishonestly use Jihad in the Quran for their own territorial ambitions.
A discussion may also be seen at:
The Arab/Israel dispute over the land of Israel is not a religious dispute; Israel respects all religions. The dispute is due to the territorial-ambitions of those Arabs who now call themselves “Palestinians”, based on unverifiable-claims.
“Palestinian” Arab propaganda false-complaints of:
“oppression” / “persecution” / “discrimination” / “(mis) treatment” / “racism” / “being treated as 2nd class”: Is Palestinian frustration at Israeli security measures obstructing the on-going Palestinian war of ethnic-hatred against Israeli Jews.
While Israeli security measures are due to the “Palestinian” Arab anti-Jewish war of ethnic-hatred (see below) carried out for Palestinian territorial-ambition, “Palestinian” Arab propaganda falsely-accuses Israel / the Jews of “oppression” so as to create a hoax of “Persecution to try to dishonestly-invoke and misuse the Islamic rules on defence against persecution of Islam, and deceive other Muslims into supporting them.
The “Palestinian” Arabs cynically whitewash their anti-Jewish hate-war as:
“uprising”, “defence”, “desperation”, “struggle”, “resistance”.
If a “Palestinian” Arab terrorist murders an Israeli Jew and the terrorist is imprisoned by Israel, the “Palestinian Authority” aka “Fatah” and the “Palestinian Liberation Organisation” (the P.A. funded by the “European Union” and the U.S.A.), pay a reward-“pension” to the family of the attacker:
- - - - Start of extract: - - - -

Quote:“The Palestinian Authority Martyrs Fund is a fund operated by the Palestinian Authority (PA) which pays monthly cash stipends to the families of Palestinians killed, injured, or imprisoned while carrying out politically motivated violence against Israel. [...]”
Extract source:
- - - - End of extract - - - -
Examples from the “Palestinian” Arab on-going anti-Jewish hate-war, where their propaganda typically refers to any consequential security measures as “Israeli-oppression”:
- - - - Start of extract: - - - -

Quote:“23 August 2019 ... Israeli girl ... Rina Shnerb [age 17 was killed; she] had been hiking with her brother Dvir and her father Eitan near a natural spring outside Dolev when an improvised explosive device blew up.”
Extract source:
- - - - End of extract - - - -
Israeli girl, Hallel Yaffa Ariel, aged 13, fatally stabbed in her bedroom in West Bank by a Palestinian terrorist, June 30, 2016, The Guardian:
Description of “Palestinian” Arab terrorist attacks by year:
“Palestinian” Arab attacks of ethnic-hatred using West Bank roads, upon Israeli Jewish civilians:

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  Falasha Jews protest for their relaives
Posted by: Nooone - 11-22-2021, 06:21 PM - Forum: Israel - Replies (2)

Hundreds in Israel protest for rescue of Ethiopia Jews - Breitbart

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  Egypt becoming Judenfrei
Posted by: Nooone - 11-22-2021, 04:39 PM - Forum: Judaism General - No Replies

Of the last 5 Jews in Egypt-2 have passed away in 2021
One of the last Jews in Egypt dies at 91 - Israel National News  and 

BDE: One Of The Last Jews In Egypt Passes Away - The Yeshiva World

total number left is 3.

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  read the following
Posted by: Nooone - 11-22-2021, 04:07 PM - Forum: Judaism General - Replies (1)

Haman: Heir to Amalek (aish.com)
The Seventh of Adar: Haman and the Death of Moses (aish.com)
Esther's Hidden Strength (aish.com)
Queen Esther's 6 Lessons for Today (aish.com)
Queen Esther: Five Lessons in Personal Transformation (aish.com)

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  Warning Bennet no friend of Jews
Posted by: Nooone - 11-21-2021, 09:31 PM - Forum: Israel - Replies (1)

Another call for  investment in the PLO to Improve relationship
Defense Min. Gantz: 'Opportunity for Israel and Palestinians to build trust' - Israel National News

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Sad Division after Division after Division....
Posted by: Nooone - 11-20-2021, 12:08 PM - Forum: Israel - Replies (3)

Ironic isnt it...Jews have come from over 70 countires in galat to settle Eretz Israel.... yet there are those who call themselves Torah Jews yet refuse to settle In Israel....some have become well known for marching with the PLO; Hamas, Iran  against even the right for Israel to exist inside and outside of Israel....on the other hands there are Jews who were born in Israel   yet those attitute toward the Torah is that it is a only a History book  and not the main focus of their lives.....and who advocate that the only way to survival for the Jewish People are to culturally assimilate themselves as Gentiles...such as becoming another state of the Russian Federation or even so far to march with the PLO; Hames et All within Israel....against every Jewish settlement that has been rebuilt over the last 100 years....

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