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Posted by: searchinmyroots - 02-18-2024, 05:05 PM - Forum: Judaism General - Replies (1)

Just to let everyone know, the forum may be having some hiccups and the software probably needs to be updated.

I've tried to send a couple of PM's but they come back as an internal error.

I've been in touch with our illustrious founder of the forum and he will probably try and update the software sometime in the near future.

I'll keep you posted.

Thank you for your patience and support and interactions!

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Lightbulb Phrase from Samuel
Posted by: Praise El Shaddai - 02-17-2024, 01:29 PM - Forum: Hebrew Language Forum - Replies (1)

Hello Folks!

I hope someone with Hebrew language skills can help me out.

I am trying to do a little sign that will have written on it in 4 languages the "famous" quote from Samuel in 1. Samuel 7,12 
where he erected a stone that said: “Till now the Lord has helped us.”

So my problem is I speak no Hebrew at all but I want to put this phrase on the sign correctly as it is in the Tanakh.

So I found one text in Hebrew that is written like this: וַיֹּאמַר, עַד-הֵנָּה עֲזָרָנוּ יְהוָה.
And when I put it from English into google it showed an easier(?) version: עד עכשיו ה' עזר לנו.

So now my question, what is the "original" that is in the Tanakh and is there an easier modern form of hebrew to write this?
Because in the translation from google there are almost no little signs below or above the letters.

Sorry I have really no idea unfortunately but I would like to write this correct as it is in a modern hebrew tanakh.
Thanks for helping me out!

God bless!

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  Jewish Daily News (1916-1928) Denver Jewish News 1915-1925
Posted by: COmentator - 02-17-2024, 10:35 AM - Forum: Judaism General - No Replies

active 1885-1928
Of Interest...note it is in Yiddish!

Available online
2 January 1916

29 April 1928

Also the Denver Jewish News 1915-1925

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Thumbs Up Ancinet Jewish COmmunity records back in Israel
Posted by: COmentator - 02-08-2024, 01:40 PM - Forum: Judaism General - No Replies

see story at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afghan_Geniza

Now if only the Iraqi Jewish Archives goes to Israel where it belongs

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  one act and its consequences...
Posted by: COmentator - 02-08-2024, 03:06 AM - Forum: Judaism General - No Replies

david and his wife Maacah


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  Where can I buy these Hebrew books (not English translation)?
Posted by: henrysh - 01-30-2024, 07:41 PM - Forum: Hangout - Replies (1)

Folks: a friend in China asks me to buy these books from USA or wherever else. I really got no clue! Can you guys tell me 1. where in USA I can get them, or 2. any web site in Israel? If you have personal connection with some book seller who carries these book, that would be wonderful. Thanks!!!

  1. Modern Literature:
  • "הסיפור שלי" (My Story) by Asher Reich [English: My Story | Chinese: 我的故事]
  • "תפילת דרך" (Pilgrimage) by Yehiel De-Nur [English: Pilgrimage | Chinese: 朝圣之旅]
  • "האדם בשח"צ" (Man in the Shadows) by Haim Sabato [English: Man in the Shadows | Chinese: 阴影中的人]
  • "הבן מאודסה" (The Son from Odessa) by Aharon Appelfeld [English: The Son from Odessa | Chinese: 来自敖德萨的儿子]
  • "בן המחזור" (The Cycle) by David Rokeah [English: The Cycle | Chinese: 循环]
  1. Art and Art Criticism:
  • "אמנות בישראל: מאורעות לניאריה" (Art in Israel: From Naharayim to Laniado) by Gideon Ofrat [English: Art in Israel: From Naharayim to Laniado | Chinese: 以色列艺术:从纳哈赖姆到拉尼亚多]
  • "תיאוריות האמנות: גישות יסוד בתולדות החשיבה באמנות" (Art Theories: Fundamental Approaches in the History of Art Thinking) by Ziva Amishai-Maisels [English: Art Theories: Fundamental Approaches in the History of Art Thinking | Chinese: 艺术理论:艺术思维史中的基本方法]
  • "כאן ועכשיו: אמנות ישראלית, 1960-1990" (Here and Now: Israeli Art, 1960-1990) by Gideon Ofrat [English: Here and Now: Israeli Art, 1960-1990 | Chinese: 此时此刻:以色列艺术,1960-1990]
  • "מאמרים על אמנות יהודית וישראלית" (Essays on Jewish and Israeli Art) by Mordechai Omer [English: Essays on Jewish and Israeli Art | Chinese: 犹太和以色列艺术论文集]
  • "הביצה השחורה: אמנות ישראלית וספרות עברית" (The Black Egg: Israeli Art and Hebrew Literature) by Gideon Ofrat [English: The Black Egg: Israeli Art and Hebrew Literature | Chinese: 黑蛋:以色列艺术与希伯来文学]
  1. Poetry:
  • "שירים נבחרים" (Selected Poems) by Yehuda Amichai [English: Selected Poems | Chinese: 精选诗歌]
  • "שירי רחל" (Poems of Rachel) by Rachel Bluwstein [English: Poems of Rachel | Chinese: 瑞秋的诗歌]
  • "שירים שנבחרו" (Selected Poems) by Leah Goldberg [English: Selected Poems | Chinese: 精选诗歌]
  • "תהלים בתרגום לעברית עכשווית" (Psalms in Contemporary Hebrew Translation) by Yair Hurvitz [English: Psalms in Contemporary Hebrew Translation | Chinese: 当代希伯来译本的诗篇]
  • "מולדת מילים" (Homeland of Words) by Nathan Zach [English: Homeland of Words | Chinese: 词语的故乡]
耶胡达·阿米亥YehudaAmichai 《诗歌》《耶路撒冷之歌和自我》《阿门》《时间》《爱情诗》《伟大的宁静:纷纭的问与答》《耶路撒冷之诗》《甚至拳头也曾是五指伸张的手掌》《阿米亥:1948—1994年诗选》《开、闭、开》
《巴别塔》(בבל / Bavel)- "Bavel" - 作者:夏娃·哈维尔 / Evel Harel
《约拿》(יונה / Yonah)- "Jonah" - 作者:未知 / Unknown
《以斯帖记》(אסתר / Ester)- "Esther" - 作者:未知 / Unknown
《耶利米哀歌》(איכה / Eicha)- "Lamentations" - 作者:耶利米亚 / Jeremiah
《传统犹太法律》(שולחן ערוך / Shulchan Aruch)- "Shulchan Aruch" - 作者:约瑟夫·卡罗 / Joseph Karo
《左拉传奇》(תקופות התבונה / T'kufot HaTevunah)- "The Legends of Luzzatto" - 作者:摩西·海因曼·卢扎托 / Moshe Chaim Luzzatto
《海洋之歌》(שירת הים / Shirat HaYam)- "Song of the Sea" - 作者:未知 / Unknown
《拉帕普札基》(רפפוז / Rappoport)- "Rappoport" - 作者:塞尔吉乌斯·拉帕普札基 / Sergei Rappoport
《传统犹太故事》(סיפורי חז"ל / Sipurei Chazal)- "Stories of the Sages" - 作者:未知 / Unknown
《悲歌》(קינות / Kinot)- "Kinot" - 作者:未知 / Unknown
《亚伯拉罕之歌》(שיר האבות / Shir HaAvot)- "Song of the Fathers" - 作者:未知 / Unknown
《战争与和平》(מלחמה ושלום / Milchama VeShalom)- "War and Peace" - 作者:阿米尔·吉尔博 / Amir Gilboa
《耶路撒冷的黎明》(שחר בירושלים / Shachar BeYerushalayim)- "Dawn in Jerusalem" - 作者:阿米尔·吉尔博 / Amir Gilboa
《维苏威火山》(הר הפיסות / Har HaPisgah)- "Mount Vesuvius" - 作者:亚努·埃尔兰 / Yano Erlan
《被遗忘的故事》(סיפור נשכח / Sipour Nashachach)- "Forgotten Story" - 作者:亚努·埃尔兰 / Yano Erlan
《日常生活中的诗歌》(שירי היום יום / Shiray HaYom Yom)- "Poems of Everyday Life" - 作者:扎尔米·斯特恩海默 / Zeremi Sternheimer
《朱拉山之歌》(שירת ג'ורה / Shirat Gura)- "Song of Gura" - 作者:约斯夫·阿戴尔曼 / Yosef Adelman
《失乐园》(גן עדן אבוד / Gan Eden Avud)- "Lost Paradise" - 作者:约纳斯·哈苏尔 / Jonas Hassel
《莎乐美》(שלמה / Shlomo)- "Shlomo" - 作者:德雷克·米尔敦 / Derek Milton
《塔尼亚》(טניה / Tanya)- "Tanya" - 作者:肖洛姆·多维贝尔 / Sholom Dovber

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  Blog on Torah and the Gaza war
Posted by: chailit - 01-29-2024, 03:42 AM - Forum: Israel - No Replies

A new blog relating the weekly parshah to the current Israel-Hamas war. This month's posts have focused on Exodus, and how it echoes the plight of the Israeli hostages in Gaza. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.  https://kosherkitty.wordpress.com/2023/11/09/israel-gaza-war-5783/

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  Oslo was Israel’s "Land For Peace" - Should Oct 7th become "Land for Buffer"?
Posted by: Robert - 01-28-2024, 06:54 PM - Forum: Israel - Replies (1)

The Oslo Accords were Israel's attempt at "Land for Peace"; Accords which Hamas never recognized, and which Fatah (aka "Palestinian Authority, the") breached by their ongoing terrorism. Should the October 7th 2023 attack / massacre then, initiate "Land for Buffer"?

The Palestinian Arabs (those not being Israeli citizens or having Israeli resident status) do not have any proper or arguable legal basis for being in the land of Israel, more specifically Gaza - I discussed that here: 
Please scroll down to the "Update", of: "Possible consequence of failing to resume hostilities against Hamas": 
https://www.thehebrewcafe.com/forum/show... - pid7788

At the very least, Israel needs a buffer zone and I assume their work in locating attack tunnels in North Gaza is likely incomplete, and to be thorough should be expected to take some years. Therefore for their own safety, the Palestinian Arabs might be invited to not return to North Gaza until the ongoing-threat to Israel by Hamas (supported as a survey has shown by about 63.6% of the Gaza population) has been removed, along with the Hamas attack tunnels. 

I have discussed the above-mentioned survey, here: 
"Survey on Palestinian support for the October 7 2023 massacre": 
https://www.thehebrewcafe.com/forum/show... - pid7749

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  Does supporting Palestinian unprovable-claims, massage a person’s anti-Semitism?
Posted by: Robert - 01-27-2024, 05:38 PM - Forum: Israel - Replies (2)

There is zero objective historical evidence proving claims made by the Palestinian Arabs to the land of Israel or indeed any part of it.

Have you ever tried asking a pro-Palestinian Arab for such evidence?
What reaction did you get?
Whatever reaction you got, it will not amount to answering that question to the point, nor will any credible-evidence be provided.

Why then do individuals, the Media, and some governments, support Palestinian Arab claims in the absence of any evidence in support?

Let's take a look at examples where support for the Palestinian Arab claims is typically expressed devoid of
Any credible justification!:

Daily Mail - Quoting the British Defense secretary [Note: Not the British Foreign secretary]: 

Quote:'Speaking to the BBC's Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, Mr [Grant] Shapps said:
'Palestinians deserve a sovereign state, [...]':


Malaysian government:
Quote:'[...] Malaysia remains firm that the Palestinians deserve their own independent and sovereign state, based on the pre-1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its Capital. [...]':


Now just a few examples of where the Media tell us repeatedly that the Palestinian Arabs 'Want' a state, while ignoring the absence of any
Objective-evidence in support:

France 24 English:
Quote:'[...] Israel occupied the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem in 1967. The Palestinians want their own state in the two main territories, with Jerusalem as its capital. [...]':


DW - Deutsche Welle TV [Voice of Germany]:
Quote:'The Palestinians want their own state. [...]':


Quote:'[...] The Palestinians want to establish an independent state in the West Bank and Gaza. [...]':


Quote:'[...] The Palestinians want their own state with a capital in East Jerusalem, which Israel captured from Jordanian control in the 1967 war [...]':


AP - Associated Press:
Quote:'[...] Israel captured the West Bank in the 1967 Mideast war, and the Palestinians want it to form the main part of their future state. [...]':


Brief notes on the foregoing:
i. In 1967 Israel recovered its own ancestral lands (look up a map of the post-Biblical Hasmonean Kingdom).
ii. It recovered them from the Egyptian and Jordanian illegal-occupations.
iii. There has never been any indigenous "Palestine" sovereign state in the land of Israel upon which the Palestinian Arabs could base any claim to any part of the land of Israel.

Good luck with discovering any justification for the Palestinian Arabs "deserving" or "wanting" a state on any of those, or any other, examples!

Meanwhile, apart from all the fuss about the Palestinian Arabs "deserving" or "wanting" a state, let's look at a rather curious image: 
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas complains to the United Nations Security Council on February 12, 2020, that the former President Trump initiative offer of a state is like "Swiss Cheese", holding up a map of that offer, yet while seated behind the co-existing Palestinian Arab falsehood-propaganda - a placecard saying: "State of Palestine" !: 

I have also discussed:

the origins of today's Palestinian Arabs, here: 
"Are the Palestinian Arabs really as they claim, native (aka indigenous), to Israel?": 

the Jewish people's connections to their ancestral-homeland of Israel, here: 
"Did the Jews / Israel ‘steal’ their ancestral homeland and/or “Palestine” in 1948?": 
https://www.thehebrewcafe.com/forum/show... - pid5250

the falsehood that the Jews took the land of Israel from the Palestinian Arabs, here: 
"Why doesn’t Israel “give-Back” its ancestral-land, to Palestinian unprovable-claims?":

the falsehood of an Israeli/Jewish "illegal-occupation" of their own ancestral-homeland of Israel, here: 
"Do the Jews / Israel ‘illegally-occupy’ their ancestral homeland and/or “Palestine”?": 

What therefore did the Palestinian Arabs need to do to renew international support, devoid always of any justification, for: 
A state;
for increases (in some cases by four times) in "humanitarian" aid? 

Why, simply to carry out the October 7, 2023 attack/massacre, in which they raped, murdered / burnt people to death, and kidnapped people including children; acts of barbarism unparalleled against the Jewish people since the Second World War.

Please remind yourself of the title of this discussion/question.

[Part of: "Uncle Bob's Handy-Guide to the Palestinian surreal-narrative".
View more, by doing:
Click on my username > Within the 'Robert's Forum Info' box, under 'Total Threads:', click: "Find All Threads".]

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  Exodus chapter 6
Posted by: gib65 - 01-26-2024, 10:17 PM - Forum: Judaism General - Replies (3)

Hello again everyone,

I am developing a new style. I am grouping all my questions per chapter. That is, rather than asking question about one or another particular passage, I'm reading through the whole chapter and posting whatever questions arise. My source is: https://www.chabad.org/library/bible_cdo...pter-1.htm

So here we go with Exodus chapter 6...

Exodus 6:3 Wrote:I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob with [the name] Almighty God, but [with] My name YHWH, I did not become known to them.

Yes, that's interesting. God only ever reveals his name YHWH to Moses and not to any of the previous patriarchs. Why is this? Why does God decide that Moses is the one to whom to reveal his name?

Also, looking back to chapter 3, there is this:

Exodus 3:14 Wrote:God said to Moses, "Ehyeh asher ehyeh (I will be what I will be)," and He said, "So shall you say to the children of Israel, 'Ehyeh (I will be) has sent me to you.'"

This may be a matter of translation, of course, but it doesn't exactly say 'YHWH'. But I do recall learning from somewhere that YHWH is shorthand for "Ehyeh asher ehyeh". In this particular translation, 'YHWH' only first shows up in Exodus 6:3, not Exodus 3:14. Is this just a matter of the translation of this source, or does this discrepancy also show up in the original Hebrew?

Also, why would God's name be translated to English without any vowels? Maybe the concept of "vowels" didn't exist in ancient Hebrew language, but I would think that if you're translating from an ancient language to modern English, there wouldn't be any reason to restrict the inclusion of vowels. Spell it how it would have been pronounce, I would think. Is there some kind of sacred tradition or rule about including vowels when translating from the original Hebrew to modern English?

Exodus 6:11 Wrote:"Come, speak to Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, and he will let the children of Israel out of his land."

I'm noticing a pattern here. God keeps promising Moses that he will let the Israelites go. But he keeps phrasing it as if it will be the next thing to happen--just after Moses tries to persuade Pharaoh one last time. That is to say, God never tells Moses, not so far at least, that there will be 10 plagues and that Pharaoh will refuse his demands 10 times, before he let's the Israelites go. Even just using the word "eventually" would have been useful to Moses. Why is God omitting this (one would think vital) piece of information?

Exodus 6:16 Wrote:And these are the names of Levi's sons after their generations: Gershon, Kehath, and Merari, and the years of Levi's life were one hundred thirty seven years.

Exodus 6:20 Wrote:Amram took Jochebed, his aunt, as his wife, and she bore him Aaron and Moses, and the years of Amram's life were one hundred thirty seven years.

When God lists the "heads of the fathers' houses", he cares to mention the ages of only these two: Levi and Amram. Why? Is it that these two have died but the rest are still alive? And what is the significance of the fact that they lived to exactly the same age?

Exodus 6:26-27 Wrote:That is Aaron and Moses, to whom the Lord said, "Take the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt with their legions."
27. They are the ones who spoke to Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, to let the children of Israel out of Egypt; they are Moses and Aaron.

I just find this passage a little strange. It seems to really want to emphasize that it was Moses and Aaron that God was speaking to--as if there was some doubt. Just curious if anyone knows why.

Exodus 6:30 Wrote:But Moses said before the Lord, "Behold, I am of closed lips; so how will Pharaoh hearken to me?"

What does Moses mean by "closed lips", and why is he closed lips? Is he saying "No way I'm doing that again, my lips a sealed"?

About the list of the "heads of the fathers' houses", I note that these are the heads:

1. Reuben
2. Simeon
3. Levi
4. Gershon
5. Kehath
6. Merari
7. Amram --> married Jochebed, Jacob's sister?
8. Izhar
9. Uzziel
10. Aaron
11. Korah
12. Eleazar

I assume these are Jacobs's twelve sons, the twelve tribes of Israel. If so, it raises a lot of questions.

For one, why is God's response to Moses saying "Behold, the children of Israel did not hearken to me. How then will Pharaoh hearken to me, seeing that I am of closed lips?" to list the heads of the twelve tribes of Israel? I mean, I suppose if the twelve tribes are gonna be listed somewhere, here is as good a place as any other, but as a response to Moses's question, it seems completely unnecessary.

Second, Exodus 6:20 says "Amram took Jochebed, his aunt, as his wife, and she bore him Aaron and Moses, and the years of Amram's life were one hundred thirty seven years.". So is Jochebed, Amram's aunt and wife, Jacob's sister (if Amram is indeed 1 of 12 of Jacob's sons)? Or would she be his aunt from Amram's mother's side?

Third, if I'm right that these fathers are the sons of Jacob, why isn't Joseph mentioned? Isn't he a son of Jacob? Maybe this indicates that these are not the sons of Jacob. But if so, is it just a coincidence that Jacob had 12 sons and there happen to be 12 "heads of the fathers' houses"?

Fourth, this same passage tells us that Amram is Aaron's and Moses's father. This is the same Moses and Aaron who are the "protagonists" in the story of Exodus, aren't they? If these 12 "heads of the father's houses" are indeed Jacob's sons, as I'm assuming, it means that only 2 generations have passed since Joseph reigned over Egypt. Is that enough time for 60,000 Hebrews to be enslaved? (I read from some sources that there were 60,000 Hebrews who arrived at Mt. Sinai--maybe another generation was born by then, but still...) I mean, I realize that people in this time lived to a really, really ripe old age (137 years for Amram and Levi), but still, 60,000 Hebrews? This question is, of course, based on my assume that the Hebrew slaves ALL came from Jacob via Joseph, but I could be wrong about this. Perhaps Hebrews of other lineages throughout the land were also taken into slavery. And I maintain my assumption that there were no slaves in Egypt while Joseph was in power (otherwise, why wouldn't he free them?), so I'd be very interested to know if there are any source indicating when the Hebrews became slaves in Egypt and where they came from.

Fifth, why is Aaron listed as one of the "heads of the fathers' houses" as stated in Exodus 6:23: "Aaron took to himself for a wife, Elisheba, the daughter of Amminadab, the sister of Nahshon, and she bore him Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar." Isn't he a grandson of Jacob, his father Amram already being one of the 12 heads? Or is this a different Aaron?

And finally, who are the 'Levites' in Exodus 6:25: "these are the heads of the fathers' [houses] of the Levites according to their families."? I assume this label is not named after Levi, on of the 12 mentioned, as he is listed as just one among the 12, not the father of them all. Is this telling me that these are not the 12 sons of Jacob, but of another Levi? (That would answer a lot of my questions above, but it raises another: why would God think it necessary to list only the fathers of the Levites?)

Anyway, it would be really good if I had enough information to draw a "family tree" starting from Jacob and ending with Moses and Aaron and their cousins (immediate and distant). I think that would clear up a lot.

PS - I would like everyone to know that I'm not asking anyone to do homework for me. I am capable, and intend, to research this stuff on my own time, but I pose these questions anyway for the sake of stirring discussion and just to diary my thoughts after reading each chapter of Exodus. I am saying, these are the questions that are raised in my mind after reading blah, blah, blah. Everyone is more than welcome to answer these question if you wish, of course, but just want you all to know I'm not being lazy Big Grin

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