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  LAst Jew In afghasthan August 2021 update
Posted by: Nooone - 08-16-2021, 03:57 AM - Forum: Judaism General - Replies (5)

In April 2021 Zablon Simintov said he will leave Afghanistan for Israel after the year’s [[High Holy Days|High Holidays]] season in the fall, fearing a resurgence of groups such as the Taliban after the U.S. military's promised withdrawal.{{cite web|url=https://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/299613|title=The last known Jew in Afghanistan is leaving|work=[[Israel National News]]|date=April 4, 2021|access-date=April 4, 2021}}[https://www.timesofisrael.com/afghanista...or-israel/ Afghanistan's last known Jew is leaving for Israel]
As of July 31.2021 Simatov is in Afghanistan[https://tolonews.com/afghanistan/afghanistan’s...Talon News July 31, 2021}
As of 17 August 2021, Simintov remains in Kabul despite having had a chance to escape.{{cite video |url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6c-xAxQ_yY |title=Afghanistan's last Jew Zebulon Simentov decides to stay on amid humanitarian crisis |publisher=[[WION (TV channel)|WION]] |date=2021-08-17 |access-date=2021-08-17}}

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  End of America Pax in Middle East near?
Posted by: Nooone - 08-14-2021, 11:09 PM - Forum: Israel - Replies (5)

In Feb 1984 the US trained Lebanonese Army broke and fled
In 2013-2014 after Obuma spent $100,000,000 to train the Iraq Army to oppose the ISIL-the Iraqs either joined ISIL or fled
After 20 years in 2021 the US trained Afghanistan army vs the Taliban-the Afghans broke and fled

Both Isil and taliban got US Weopons free C/o of Obama and Bidden

{I still have a Pat Oliphant cartoon of WC Field/Uncle Sam remarking on loss of Vietnam as the Lebanonse army runs away....]
related Links

The end of dream of America dominating the Arab World from Morroco to afghanistan...may the US never get caught in the quicksand of Arab politics again.....hopefully but on the other hand https://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/...spx/312212

So who are left of america Middle east Allies?
(Jewish) Israel...but Bidden wont help them although he does support Arab "Palestine" https://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/...spx/312102
Saudi Arabia...but their going to fall as well....probably the Hashamites will go from Jordan to seize Mecca and Medina and the oil fields they lost over 100 years ago (Thanks to the British Empire)
Jordan has already made an agressment with Iran to remain in power
Syria;Lebanon; Iraq and Yemen are in chaos
Egypt is anti-american
Turkey is going its own way -even seizing part of Northern Syria which it lost over 100 years ago and is a supprter of Hamas and the Muslin Brotherhood...and is allied with Iran

HAmas is also supported by Iran who also supports Hezbollah

Except for the L-d Doesnt anyone support Israel?

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  Aliens in Judaism
Posted by: Mike_Tang_1991 - 08-13-2021, 12:25 PM - Forum: Judaism General - Replies (3)


According to the Judaism religion, how do "aliens" (intelligent non-human species) fit in with religion?

Are they are considered demons/fallen angels like in Christianity?

And is the "War in Heaven" story true according to Judaism? Like in Christianity there was a "War in Heaven" between Archangel Michael and Lucifer and Lucifer and 1/3 of the rebellious angels were thrown out of Heaven

Is this true according to Judaism?

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  Irans war against Israel and Jewish persons
Posted by: Nooone - 08-11-2021, 11:30 PM - Forum: Israel - Replies (1)

Jan 1933-Aug 1939 starting up War against Jews in europe   Sept 1, 1939  it began
83 years later August 2021   Iran leadership is revealing its true nature

Iran’s Crimes and Acts of War will Continue Until Biden Responds–Forcefully | The Jewish Press - JewishPress.com | Clifford D. May | 24 Av 5781 – August 2, 2021 | JewishPress.com
Iran’s Raisi Meets With Hamas, Hezbollah Delegations | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner.com
Iran lauds Hezbollah, Hamas attacks on ‘Zionist enemy’ (jns.org)
New Iranian leader picks minister wanted for Buenos Aires Jewish Center bombing | WarSclerotic

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  Israel left behind by West so Muslin states
Posted by: Nooone - 08-11-2021, 11:10 PM - Forum: Israel - Replies (3)


Arab Spring 2: D.C. politicians rush to save Islamists in Tunisia - Israel National News
Watch: New British ambassador to Iran hoping for 'good relations' - Israel National News
Remember apeasment diidnt work with Hitler...and it still doest work  with the Arab/Muslin World Huh Confused Sad

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  Jesus as Messiah
Posted by: Mike_Tang_1991 - 08-11-2021, 12:32 PM - Forum: Judaism General - Replies (7)


If Jesus had used His supernatural powers to convince the Romans at the time that He was the Messiah/Son of God... and in turn they did NOT crucify Him, but rather made Him their King... what other prophecies left would Jesus had to have completed to be considered the prophecized Messiah?

But I ALSO understand that Jesus also "showed up" at the incorrect/invalid time.... Since the Messiah was supposed to show up while the Jews were NOT in their homeland... and while the Temple was destroyed...

So does this mean that EVEN if Jesus used His "supernatural powers" to convince the romans/governments that He -WAS- the Son of God/Messiah... that He -STILL- wouldn't have finished completing all the requirements/prophecies??

His timing to show up was wrong/invalid?

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Tongue This must be read to be beleived.....!
Posted by: Nooone - 08-10-2021, 08:00 PM - Forum: Israel - Replies (7)

Billie Eilish accused of 'racism' after saying: "Hi, Israel" - Israel National News

In the pursuit of Peace the United Nations will probably outlaw public utterance of these two words....

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  Sefer Torah
Posted by: searchinmyroots - 08-05-2021, 01:03 AM - Forum: Judaism General - Replies (3)

Another YouTube video by Peter Santenello -

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  Jewish Consecration and Stone setting
Posted by: Johnathon2021 - 08-04-2021, 02:08 PM - Forum: Judaism General - Replies (3)

Hi. I need to organise a Stone setting for my late father who passed away last year and I have no idea how to go about this or the costs involved. I live in Manchester in the UK and have been quoted prices for this by my local Rabbi which exceed my current budget and I would like to know what alternatives I have and who could I get to do the stone setting at a cost I could afford. Any info would be appreciated.

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  About Ben And Jerry's.....
Posted by: Nooone - 07-28-2021, 12:49 PM - Forum: Israel - Replies (6)

Outside Israel Jews should Boycott B & J;
Inside Israel Jews should support the B & J (In fact this franchise has been fighting the parent company)
The franchise will probably be bought out in 2022 when license runs out.....either by the israeli Goverment or other other Israeli Ice Cream makers.... since this is the only Unilever franchise in Israel so "targeted"..I wonder if this is little more than a cycnical move by the parent company as an easy way to get rid of this 34 year old franchise.....once and for all..... Huh Confused Dodgy

Unilever bought Ben and Jerry in 2000

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