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  ISrael Future Right now? A theroy
Posted by: Nooone - 04-11-2021, 12:46 PM - Forum: Israel - Replies (2)

A thought....on Future of the Middle East.....
What Superpower is striving for dominating the Middle East......and will last longer?
Russia will try...but her client States will probably be Syria..and possibly Egypt...
USA    will try...but  still trying to use the Old British Empire policy of making Israel,, the Arab Middle and Arab Far east countires   as to one PAX UNited States  Commonwealth  will fail....
The Answear...will be Mainland China.....(See below)
The Middle East Counties...
Egypt will stagger along...held up by US; USSR and China...but will  turn more Islamic....and anti-western
Iraq....see ditto  for Syria fate....
Israel  (Thanks to Obama non vote in the UN Vote against Israel) will find itself politically isolated from the rest of the World...to survive Israel must expel all hostile anti-Israeli Arab communities to Jordan; and just as importantly rebuild all Jewish Settlements destroyed in the name of Peace; make the survivors of the few Jewish Communities left in Arab/muslin counties  realize that their only hope for survival is to Go Up to Israel; Israel shall adopt have an unrestricted open door policy for all Jews in Galut to come up to Israel. Israel must also .abandon all false Promises of Peace by hostile neighboring countries and sign no convents with those enemies; and last but not least Israel must abandoned Ben Gurion policy that the "West" would come to Israel rescue in case of all out attack by Arab States..[The one time that did happen when the US did this so Israel wouldn't become involved in The Gulf Wars...Israeli lives were lost (not all anti Israeli missiles were shot down by US Artillery] and that All of Israel must turn to trust in L-D mind; body and soul totally without arguing with the L-D. {For the Record Israel is never to trust the UN on anything-case in point the UN had an extensive Archives of World War II War criminals--yet Israel was only allowed access to this archive just....once in 1961 for the Adolf Eichmann; in 1985 Israel was finally allowed by the UN Total access to these records  40 years after WW II ended. Who knows how many War Criminals escaped Justice and trials  by Israel..all because of the UN the masters of do-nothing]
Jordan  will probably become a 99% Palestine state  to be used by superpowers against Israel..but .trusted by none.
Saudi Arabia  will probably collapse.
Syria will be a client state of Russia but will be in a never ending state of chaos.
Turkey will seize more Land from Syria and oppress Armenians within its border. Their Policy will try to regain that the dominating Middle East as they did under the 700 year old Ottoman Empire.
And then of Course is Iran will do What ISIS  Failed to do...it will put themselves as a Islamic Country those constitution is the Koran . Iran will represent as "Liberating" The entire Arab Middle East from "Corrupt" Western Influences"  it will be that heir of both Political and Religious leadership of all Muslins which started with the Prophet Muhammad.
 Any why not ?
Iran population is over 83.000,000
They have a large supply of Oil
The US Agreed to end restrictions on Iran investments abroad in return for the return of embassy hostages after 444 days.
They also have atomic power.... because unlike the Iraqi Nuclear reactor which was destroyed by Israel the Iran reactor was not attacked because.....Why Right-Wingers Are So Angry That Israel Hasn't Bombed ...
See Iran Links:
Why Iran Needs to Dominate the Middle East | The National ...
Iran: All Set To Dominate Middle East - The Khaama Press ...
How Iran desires to dominate the Middle East | Al Arabiya ...
A ‘$400 billion’ China-Iran deal? History suggests not ...
China’s Plan to Dominate the Middle East Centers Around Iran
Iran Is Outgunning And Outsmarting The US Across The ...
Stability in the Middle East Requires More Than a Deal ...

Its first major aim will be the destruction of Israel..which because of the indifference  of the United Nations which has given Iran  the "Moral Go ahead  TO DO JUST THAT. And after Israel it will be the turn of the rest of the Arab nations. and  the West will be subject to a Holy Crusade of Jihad.

Ironic when Israel tries to live she is Condemned by the whole World
Yet when Iran announces its intention to destroy Israel..the UN Does nothing

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Tongue Why the novel "The Source" gives wrong impressions of Jews and Israel
Posted by: Nooone - 04-07-2021, 01:31 PM - Forum: Judaism General - Replies (3)

the fictional Novel "The Source" which has some glaring ommisions and poor impressions in regard to Jews and Israel
Chapter #15 was 1880; Chapter # 16 was 1948. No mention is made of World War I in the Middle East; nor is their mention of the Zion Mule Corps; the Jewish Legion; the split of the Zionist movement between Ben-Gurion and Vladimir Jabotinsky; the rise of Arab Nationalism;World War II..(as a matter of historical Fact that the first Jews killed in the Shoah September 1,1939 were "illegeal" Immigrants killed by RAF Planes on a beach in Herliza.. ALso in one chapter that King Josiah was killed by Egyptians  becaise he did an insane act of opposing them [Yet see Ginzbergs Legends of the Jews for the real reason]
Indeed eading this book does leave a poor impression of "The People of the Book" (Torah) via the following fictional characthers:
The Zefat Rabbi...a knowledgeable Scholar who lacks humilty...in the case of a faithful Jewish wife those husband and abandoned her and bigamsy married another woman..after he dies she asks permission to marry again..but her brother refuses her permission backed by the Rabbi who only repsondes The Law is the Law'..without explaining how a widow trying to marry again..will break Jewish Law..{It is hinted that his lack of humilty will bring about his death since his attitude echos a Jewish King [Abijam] who refused to let his enemies be immediately buried until they were unrecoginable..thus leaving their Widows in a uncertain state of weather they could remarry again..thus his life was cut short...likesie the impression of the rabbi is that of Someone who during the 1948-1949 war when the community he is in charge of..his sole thought is to become a holy martyr.....while refusing in any way to defend his community from Arab attacks...likewise also during the 1948-1949 war he quarrels with the Sabra wife of the Jewish main characther...he never address the fact that although she is an atheist...yet who is also spiritually alone..nor does he give any consuling that she feels great anger toward the orthdox as years before when he grandfather had tried to establish a jewish settlement outside ghetto walls..he was badly beaten and humilitated...lastly he does not reapprove her arrogant claim that the new Jewish state will have a generation that does not know Rabbis...since the Jewish People..the Torah and the Land of Israel are all interconnected....
Eliaav the Jew and Jameel the Arab....Eliaav the new Secularized Jew...claims proudly to be a Cohan..yet violates a rule that Cohans should not go near a graveyard..when the Tell he is helping to evcavate is the very place where his Sabra wife was killed in 1948-1949..he also seems to be quite ineffetive in dealing with particular cases...example a pair of Jews from India who cannot marry because they cant prove their 700 year old lineage; a pious Jew from New York who cant open a Kosher restrurant because of nitpicking advice...a gentile woman atheist..those son had a jewish father but the son is refused to become of the Jewish Nation...he gives no indication of trying to solve any of these problums..{Possible solutions: the India jews while they cannot prove their lineage..could be asked before a Bet Din court of what they know about being Jews...and if they are sincere beleivers..to marry; the New York Jew should not have been subject to last minuite nitpicking..but instead should have had a long session step by step on how to make his food kosher; regarding the Gentile woman and her son..the issue should not be weather the woman herself converts to Judiasm but if her son sincerely wishes to do so..now legally he cannot inherit Judiasm as in cases where the mother is Jewish..but again he should brought before a Bet Din court on weather he sincerly wishes to beleive in and convert to Judiasm}. it also hints that Eliaav will pursue a course of "PEace Now" with the Arab nations something he began even when he was fighting them back in 1948-1949[!] In contrast is the anti-hero/hero Jameel who comes out looking better then Eliaav who admits frankly that his family which has existed since caveman times at the sight of the Source has held to one firm belief...never leave this land and that politics and religion matters not...thus they have been Caananites; Jews; Pagan Greeks and Romans, Chrisitan Crusaders...and lastly Arab Moselms [it is not explained how his family line surivied the destructuin of the Crusader ancestors 700 years before.)

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  Jewish Longing for Torah
Posted by: Nooone - 04-03-2021, 11:09 PM - Forum: Judaism General - Replies (4)

Came Cross this story on Chaad.org.....Intereting that even the secular Jewish Sons and daugthers Long for Torah learning.....
My Baby Brother Was Not Forgotten - Life & Times (chabad.org)

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  To Veil or Not to Veil
Posted by: searchinmyroots - 04-01-2021, 09:15 PM - Forum: Counter-Missionary Forum - Replies (43)

It seems that many verses in the Christian bible for some reason or another, change what is actually written in the Hebrew bible.

In 2 Corinthians 3 we have Paul saying -

"12Therefore, since we have such a hope, we are very bold. 13We are not like Moses, who would put a veil over his face to keep the Israelite's from gazing at the end of what was fading away. 14But their minds were closed. For to this day the same veil remains at the reading of the old covenant. It has not been lifted, because only in Jesus can it be removed."

Where does Paul get this from?

I'm guessing he is referring to Exodus 34 when Moses came down from the mountain.

I'm not going to paste what the Hebrew bible says, I want people to read it for themselves, starting at verse 29.

Please show me where it says what Paul wrote.

Thank you.

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  Jews of Iran...Get Out and Go Up
Posted by: Nooone - 04-01-2021, 05:57 PM - Forum: Israel - Replies (7)

Thy Jewish brethern in Yemen were expelled by an Iranian backed Govt..this past week
On 16 Nisan 5781/29 March 2021 (Ironically during preperation for [[Passover]]), the [[Iran|Iranian]]-backed [[Houthi movement|Houthi government]] deported all remaining Jews in Yemen except for 4 elderly community members who were too old or infirmed to be relocated <ref> https://m.jpost.com/diaspora/almost-all-...{According to another report total of Jews left behind is 6; It is also probable that one Jewish woman who had been [[Bride kidnapping|kidnapped and forced to marry]] a Muslim<ref>[https://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/...spx/132911 Jewish Exodus From Yemen Israel National News August 14, 2009]</ref> has apparently been left behind. (Only the L-D knowns How many other Daugthers of Israel have been assualted like this...)

you are about stage German Jewry was in 1933-1939......
Jews of Iran (jewishvirtuallibrary.org)
Purim Then, Iran Today (aish.com)

you have a choice  

Stay in Iran  and die or Trust In the L-d   get out and go up to Israel  and Live.....

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  The Jewish communites in Arab Middle East are dying
Posted by: Nooone - 03-31-2021, 04:23 PM - Forum: Israel - Replies (13)

Just as over 80 years Many Jewish Communites were destroyed in Europe....now it is the turn of Jewish Communites   of Africa/Arab Middle east and the Far East.......

The following Jewish populations have been dropping

The Following have a few Jews left
Iraq..total number of live Jews is three Point of No Return: Jewish Refugees from Arab and Muslim Countries: Jews vanish from Iraq, but still have no closure
Yemen total number of Live Jews is 4 to 6 Point of No Return: Jewish Refugees from Arab and Muslim Countries
Note also let behind were Jewish women "married"???? to Muslins

The Following have 1 Jew left apeice

The following Countires have NO Jewish Population
Saudi Arabia

See Judenfrei - Wikipedia

When the L-D Calls his sons and daugthers home from Exhile...Listen...Listen...Oh Listen.....

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Thumbs Up Iraqi Jewish Archive....and its destiny
Posted by: Nooone - 03-31-2021, 04:06 PM - Forum: Judaism General - Replies (7)

I admit frankly I do not register with new forums..however in this case  I have made an exception.....

In 2003 the US rescuded Iraqi Jewish Archives after they had been stolen....by Saddam Hussein....they were in bad condition....and were restored.....now the US Goverment is considering to give heritage ...not to the community it was stolen from but the Iraqi Goverment..... Huh Angry Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh

For those who read this story and feel they must do something   there is an online pettiton....

The Archives at Iraqi Jewish Archive | (ijarchive.org)
Preserving the Iraqi Jewish Archive | National Archives

The story In regard to the Iraqi Jewish Archive...please see article link to protest....against giving it away....https://www.aish.com/jw/s/Struggle-for-the-Scrolls.html

The petition is at Don't let the Jewish archive go back to Iraq! (avaaz.org)
Heart Heart

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  Please help me translate and interpret
Posted by: dBlever - 03-30-2021, 10:47 AM - Forum: Judaism General - Replies (4)


I'm new to this forum. Looking forward to delving more into Jewish culture, Judaism and Hebrew language. I am part jewish on my mother's side but didn't discover this until my grandmother told me when I was in my twenties.

I have a query about the photo attached. My friend bought me this banner from Israel when he went for a holiday. Can anyone tell my what it says? I understand the twelve squares is a reference to the twelve tribes. I have tried so many translation websites but all I get is nonsense words. By doing my own translation character by character I got "I will get you out of here" which I guess would mean "deliverer" but I could be way off as the embroidery does not show accurate characters.    

Thanks in advance and I look forward to hanging out here more often Smile

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Posted by: RabbiO - 03-25-2021, 02:36 AM - Forum: Judaism General - Replies (2)

So, which haggadah or haggadot will be you using at your seder?

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  New fragments of scrolls found in Dead Sea caves.
Posted by: George - 03-24-2021, 04:56 PM - Forum: Judaism General - No Replies


Israeli experts discover new Dead Sea Scrolls

Archaeologists also present 6,000 year-old skeleton of a child and the oldest complete basket in the world

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