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Judaism: Jewish Consecration and Stone setting
(08-04-2021, 02:08 PM)Johnathon2021 wrote: Hi. I need to organise a Stone setting for my late father who passed away last year and I have no idea how to go about this or the costs involved. I live in Manchester in the UK and have been quoted prices for this by my local Rabbi which exceed my current budget and I would like to know what alternatives I have and who could I get to do the stone setting at a cost I could afford. Any info would be appreciated.

My understanding is that what you refer to as a "stone setting" is what we in the U.S. would refer to as an "unveiling".  If this is correct then you have already had a memorial made and placed at the cemetery and are. at this point, simply seeking to dedicate the gravestone. This would also imply that you have paid for the gravestone and paid whatever fees have been charged for placement of the stone. It would also indicate that the only possible expense you might have is the cost of an officiant at the dedication.

If I am incorrect about the situation, please correct me. However, if your only concern is the cost of an officiant, let me set your mind at ease. You don't need a rabbi or a cantor. You can do it yourself. I can provide you with a gravestone dedication ceremony.
בקש שלום ורדפהו

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