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Announcement: Your Personal Introduction
I am a bit of an idealist but can also be realistic if necessary
that sounds like a good combination!
Shalom and Greetings,
I have an interest in Jewish History and joined this forum to advance my knowledge. Both my parents are ethnic Jews, though not by religion.

Hello Peter and welcome to the forum.

Just to let you know, the first 3 posts are moderated to help keep out spam and bots.

Thanks for your introduction!
Shalom all,

My name is Alizah. I live on the NSW Central Coast in Australia. I was raised Catholic and my mother was raised secular (she was a baby boomer) and was unaware of her Jewish identity. It was a decision her parents made post WWII and came to light when I was 28 and my Bubbe (OBM) asked me to find out what happened to her biological father during her youth. She finally admitted to being Jewish not long before she passed away. Since then my mother, daughter and I have reconnected with our heritage. We have been blessed to have the guidance of two amazing Rabbi and Rebbetzins and their families. We belong to a great Jewish community and are very proud of our roots.

Covid and the ensuing lockdowns in Australia have played havoc with me personally as I am currently separated physically from my parents and daughter (my daughter lives with my parents in Sydney as she studies at University down there and looks after my parents too, while I live up on the Coast with my second husband and three stepsons). So I have joined here to make more Jewish friends and for the fellowship. I am the only Jew I know in my area and it's quite lonely here.

And that's pretty much me in a nutshell.  Big Grin
“The highest form of wisdom is kindness.”
- The Talmud, Brachot 17a  Heart
Hello Alizah and welcome to the forum!

Just to let you know, the first 3 posts are moderated to help keep out spam and bots.

Thank you so much for your introduction, it seems like a great journey. So glad you reconnected to your roots.

Yes, all of these lockdowns can be very hard on our psyche, I know many that are feeling the pain.

Glad you joined our group and looking forward to more interaction!   Smile
(09-12-2021, 07:27 AM)alizah Wrote: ...I was raised Catholic and my mother was raised secular...
Welcome, first of all.
I hate to appear interrogative. But there seems to be several inclarities about your post. Number one, what brought your secular mother to raise you Catholic? Or was your father to thank for the Catholic influence?
Welcome to the forum, Alizah!
(09-12-2021, 07:27 AM)alizah Wrote: ...I live on the NSW Central Coast in Australia...
I'm guessing that your Jewish ancestor/s had/have escaped Germany. Thus landing in Britain as child/ren and then moving to Australia as Commonwealth citizen/s.  Huh

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