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please need help with Hebrew text on antique artifact
Hello all,

I own a very old pot which has some Hebrew writing on it. I was hoping that that somebody could maybe tell me what it reads and what it was used for. I guess it is very old. Thought this is the best place to find more info about it and hope you guys do not mind.

 photo 20190217_153758_zps4nxnqqv9.jpg

 photo 20190217_153808_zpsvkmnlhbb.jpg

 photo 20190217_153819_zpsavjan5xn.jpg

 photo 20190217_153829_zpsfqfggr5s.jpg

 photo 20190217_153850_zpsrscxyuxf.jpg

 photo 20190217_153857_zps90fvau5v.jpg

 photo 20190217_153904_zpsi5w9d7hc.jpg
Wow, that's not clear at all. I've got no idea. I'll send out some feelers.
It's a paraphrase of Gen. 49:22-23. It says:
יוסף בן פורת עלי עין בנות צעדה עלי שור וימררוהו ורובו וישטמוהו

Which isn't all the words from those verses, but it's most of them.

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