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Was my Great Grandmother Jewish ?
Hi everyone!
]I’m not Jewish myself, but there’s some things that have led my family to question if my great grandma on my moms side was Jewish and didn’t make it known for some reason. 
I never met her, but my mom has told stories about her. My mom said she didn’t speak much English at all so my mom couldn’t communicate with her well. According to her documents and what not, she came here from Galicia, Ukraine. I’ve read about Galicia, Ukraine and it sounds like a lot of Jewish Ukrainians lived in this town. Not only that, but her maiden name was Bilik. According to google Bilik is a Jewish/eastern Ashkenazic surname. When she came to the U.S she moved to a town  (about 30 minutes away from me now) that was predominately a Jewish community/is still known around here as a town with mainly Jewish residents. My mom lived there for awhile and said a lot of her friends were even Jewish, but she wasn’t. 
It seems like a lot of signs point to her being Jewish, but we don’t understand why she wouldn’t have made it known or maybe even hid it at that time. What could be the reason for her hiding being Jewish? Did people ever do this during this time in the world?
I don’t think I would be considered Jewish since I’m pretty sure the maternal side has to continue being Jewish/can’t break it in order to actually be Jewish (sorry I’m wording this horribly, I don’t know much about the subject). But yeah, I’m interested in everything you all have to say about this! Thank you.

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