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Please help me understand in depth, Abraham's concept of one Creator
Please help me understand in depth, Abraham's concept of one Creator at his time, and what was believed before. Even a book suggestion would be helpful too. My main confusion would be; I understand the concept of what were considered as distinct tribes with tribal deities. Was Abraham and his people in that situation where they had their own deities? Did Abraham's original concept of a Major God, include acceptance of lower deities? And was the original Abrahamic concept of a Higher God viewed as a personal tribal Deity of and for his tribe. or did he come to the conclusion right away that there was a Primary source of all creation who also created the lower deities or were they independent of the highest Creator?
PS; Since I'm new here; ask me anything. About me; Raised secular, in that no religion was spoken of, no religion was disparaged nor looked to. I'm 65, and later in life (age 31) after a parent died early from cancer. Obviously started wondering about religions. Followed by self study reading Huston Smiths The Worlds Religions, read the Torah as given in a Christian bible as the Old Testament and then the New Testament, Went inside a local Hindu Temple. Read about a third of the Quran, attended a Nine hour study of Judaism at a local liberal Jewish group in Charlotte. NC followed by one attendance at their worship service, attended Unitarian-Universalist for 7 years and was a member of the Baha'i faith which I recently removed myself from. My current and always belief is that there is a source of creation. With a laymen study of quantum physics can began to see what we are composed of and we are all connected. I'm in USA, a white man married to a African-American woman.

Hello Michael and welcome to the forum.

Just to let you know, the first 3 posts are moderated to help keep out spam and bots.

Thanks for sharing your interesting journey!

I'm not sure there are strong answers for your questions as we only have what the Hebrew bible tells us. Yes, there may be related stories in the Talmud that may give us some further insight but I'm not sure they are written in stone (no pun intended in relation to the 10 Commandments!).

From what has been told, it seems other cultures believed there were many deities, including Abraham's father.

Abraham is said to be the first to believe in 1 G-d as the creator and ruler of all.

Maybe some others will chime in with more information.
I find it interesting that the Bible doesn't really give a systematic theology. It doesn't explain how everything fits together. It just gives us stories and laws. Some of the stories don't correspond to the laws, and some of the laws sometimes seem incomprehensible. But, that's what it gives us.
Yes, that is interesting Guy.

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