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Anybody Home?
The forum used to be a fairly busy place. Then the site imploded. Since the return of the forum it has been very quiet around here. 

I realize that people come and go. I realize that people have lives outside of forums that can impact the time and energy available to them to participate on a forum, but I cannot recall on other forums such a precipitous drop in participation. Any ideas why? Any ideas on what might be done to change it?

I’m wondering if the reduction in the number of sub-forums might played a role in the drop. I wonder as well if the fact that if one goes to and click on “forum” one is taken to the Hebrew language forum, not here. I know that created a problem for me when the forum first came back and I was trying to get back here.
בקש שלום ורדפהו
I have noticed the slow down too, although I must admit I am not here much any more. I've kind of taken a break from forums, although I definitely will pop in here once in awhile.
I'm building a Hebrew course, which I'll be launching in January.

I'll be using the textbooks Learning Biblical Hebrew: Reading for Comprehension by Karl Kutz and Rebekah Josberger.

That and work are consuming my time at the moment.
I'm here and check in almost daily. Been very busy with work and some family issues.

Not sure why the traffic has been low, but I guess it would help if us regulars would post things from time to time.

Seems we are lacking there as well.

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