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My 30 year old fiance just had his barmitzfah... at the Western Wall!
This video is of my fiance, Scott Schindelar, on his second trip with Israel 2.0.

He has never been religious but a jew by birth. After visiting Israel for the second time, he has gained a new found spirituality that includes celebrating Hannukah and the weekly Shabbat. Please like, comment, and share the video :Smile

I love him, and I am SO proud of him.
Welcome to the forum.

Just to let you know, the first 3 posts are moderated to help keep out spam and bots.

I quickly glanced through the video and it seems to have been an amazing experience!

Glad he is connecting to his roots.
Welcome to the forum.

Are to tell us a bit more about Scott and about yourself?
בקש שלום ורדפהו
That's awesome congrats. I look forward to my first trip there Smile
(01-22-2020, 12:27 AM)jewishdate wrote: That's awesome congrats. I look forward to my first trip there Smile

Do you have plans to go soon?
I started watching with the intend of just skimming through, but ended up watching the whole video as it was so entertaining. Congratulations to him! Also, may I suggest that joining this forum could also be an excellent way to discuss his way and new found spirituality, if he likes. Wink

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