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Differences in self-concept and programs between communities (local/international)
As I continue to seek out American online services, I notice a difference between the programs that the respective synagogues promote on their websites and the programs run by my local synagogues. For example, American synagogues seem to often have adult conversion classes, different activities related to cultural practices (such as courses on how to bake Challah), study groups, dinners, parent's nights, sometimes also cooperations and activism in their local communities.  Is this representative of the average American Jewish community? Or is this maybe just a self-selection bias due to active communities having a stronger online presence?

Do your communities engage in activities outside Shabbat services and Torah study? Do they actively promote community building? If so, do you engange (or did you use to engage pre Covid) with them? What is this like?

I think I am so surprised and curious because this level of engagement is something that I kind of wish for, but haven't yet found. The only community comparably active is the local Chabad, but they emphasize that they seek to reconnect already Jewish people with their roots and have a strong orthodox orientation. Conservative does have some activities, but they cannot be visited by non-Jewish people as they are a bit overrun. The Rabbi in one of the reform synagogues mentioned that he think it's in his view not part of the synagogue to offer activities as "get togethers", but there are (were) communal celebrations and classes.

So, what's the situation like in your area? What is the self-concept of your community?

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