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Israel: ISrael Future Right now? A theroy
A thought....on Future of the Middle East.....
What Superpower is striving for dominating the Middle East......and will last longer?
Russia will try...but her client States will probably be Syria..and possibly Egypt...
USA    will try...but  still trying to use the Old British Empire policy of making Israel,, the Arab Middle and Arab Far east countires   as to one PAX UNited States  Commonwealth  will fail....
The Answear...will be Mainland China.....(See below)
The Middle East Counties...
Egypt will stagger along...held up by US; USSR and China...but will  turn more Islamic....and anti-western
Iraq....see ditto  for Syria fate....
Israel  (Thanks to Obama non vote in the UN Vote against Israel) will find itself politically isolated from the rest of the survive Israel must expel all hostile anti-Israeli Arab communities to Jordan; and just as importantly rebuild all Jewish Settlements destroyed in the name of Peace; make the survivors of the few Jewish Communities left in Arab/muslin counties  realize that their only hope for survival is to Go Up to Israel; Israel shall adopt have an unrestricted open door policy for all Jews in Galut to come up to Israel. Israel must also .abandon all false Promises of Peace by hostile neighboring countries and sign no convents with those enemies; and last but not least Israel must abandoned Ben Gurion policy that the "West" would come to Israel rescue in case of all out attack by Arab States..[The one time that did happen when the US did this so Israel wouldn't become involved in The Gulf Wars...Israeli lives were lost (not all anti Israeli missiles were shot down by US Artillery] and that All of Israel must turn to trust in L-D mind; body and soul totally without arguing with the L-D. {For the Record Israel is never to trust the UN on anything-case in point the UN had an extensive Archives of World War II War criminals--yet Israel was only allowed access to this archive just....once in 1961 for the Adolf Eichmann; in 1985 Israel was finally allowed by the UN Total access to these records  40 years after WW II ended. Who knows how many War Criminals escaped Justice and trials  by Israel..all because of the UN the masters of do-nothing]
Jordan  will probably become a 99% Palestine state  to be used by superpowers against Israel..but .trusted by none.
Saudi Arabia  will probably collapse.
Syria will be a client state of Russia but will be in a never ending state of chaos.
Turkey will seize more Land from Syria and oppress Armenians within its border. Their Policy will try to regain that the dominating Middle East as they did under the 700 year old Ottoman Empire.
And then of Course is Iran will do What ISIS  Failed to will put themselves as a Islamic Country those constitution is the Koran . Iran will represent as "Liberating" The entire Arab Middle East from "Corrupt" Western Influences"  it will be that heir of both Political and Religious leadership of all Muslins which started with the Prophet Muhammad.
 Any why not ?
Iran population is over 83.000,000
They have a large supply of Oil
The US Agreed to end restrictions on Iran investments abroad in return for the return of embassy hostages after 444 days.
They also have atomic power.... because unlike the Iraqi Nuclear reactor which was destroyed by Israel the Iran reactor was not attacked because.....Why Right-Wingers Are So Angry That Israel Hasn't Bombed ...
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Its first major aim will be the destruction of Israel..which because of the indifference  of the United Nations which has given Iran  the "Moral Go ahead  TO DO JUST THAT. And after Israel it will be the turn of the rest of the Arab nations. and  the West will be subject to a Holy Crusade of Jihad.

Ironic when Israel tries to live she is Condemned by the whole World
Yet when Iran announces its intention to destroy Israel..the UN Does nothing

Several Years ago in 2015 two possible trains of thought on Israel future

Id say right now the 1st theroy is coming true
Just think what leverage you might exert if you wrote legibly. Half of the words are misspelled (like theroy for theory), and the rest is bad punctuation and ellipses. You might convince some people to side with you if you wrote in a way that people could easily process.
Sorry my mistake...

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