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The L-d and the Israelites.....
On 22 April 2021 I asked The Rabbi at Chabbad the following query:
By count the Israelites grumbled/rebelled against the L-d and Moses on

the following occasions:

1] Before crossing the Reed sea

2]After crossing the Reed sea in the desert

3]In  the desert before reaching Sinai

4] In the desert of Zin

5] The Golden calf

6] The Ten scouts return and report

7] Trying to enter the Land without the L-d Presence

8] Rebellion of Korah

9] Council against Moses and Aaron at Kadesh

Please correct me if Im wrong...but is their any partcular signifiance

that there were at least nine examples of grumbling from those who
came out of Egypt against the L-d and Moses?

On april 28.2021 here is the reply


Hi Tony,

Pirkei Avot (Ethics of Our Fathers) 5:4, says "With ten tests our forefathers tested G‑d in the desert, as is stated (Numbers 14:22), "They tested Me these ten times, and did not hearken to My voice.""

For a list of all 10, see

As for the significance of the number, in Jewish thought 10 is considered a "complete  (or full) number." The Jewish people tested G-d in the fullest sense, and G-d "proved" Himself to them every time.

All the best,
Rabbi Shlomie Deren

I've heard about the 10 tests before.

But as Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis's book is titled - Life is a Test
glad to be of help
This is my epiloge entry for this post

several days ago I wrote to ASk A rabbi why Ten Times the Israelites rebeled and tested the L-D during Exodus despite his revealation to them;

About June 4.2021 I received I received the following answear

according to rabbanic literature it was because "..They were still laboring under the slave mentality of the Egyptian bondage. "Please listen to about these tests."
From Chabad Ask a Rabbi Simcha Bart.

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