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Parables to read and ponder the moral lesson
The King's Gift - Jewish Stories (

The Cat - Jewish Stories (

Land for Peace? - Insight & Commentary (

Reading the last article it seems in regard to truth Many people have a case of "Historical Amenisa" in regard to Israel

There are Jews who still beleive and remember that the Temple Mount is eteranlly Jewish [As is the Cave of Patrichs and Joseph Tomb]

Of Israel and Egypt {Non Jewish lands outside Israel)
Jewish Right to the Land of Israel
Jews of Israel remember "Peacful co-existence" has been brought at they expesnes....
1930 Vladimer Jabotinsky a founder of Jewsih Self defense for Jewish Communites and praying at the Western Wall was exhiled to assage "Arab Fears"

From 1933-1948 Jewish Fleeing Hitler to go up to Israel were "restricted" to assage "Arab Fears"

That during the 30 year occupation of Israel 1918-1948 Jewish Communites were continually harresed and their weopons taken in order to assage "Arab Fears"

That in the name of Peace Begin signed a treaty with egypt that gave up the Sinai; an oil well that would have given Israel ecomic Independece and 1 Jewish Settlement

That in the name of Peace "Shimon Peres Veoted an attempt to destroy Iran Nuclear Reactor

That in the name of Peace Sharon destroyed 25 Jewish settlements in Gaza  {and in 2021 from which 8000 rockets were fired]

That in the name of Peace israel entered into a Aggrement with Jordan....and that of Now Jordan has allied itself with IRan

That in the name of "Peace" Peres; Rabin and Netenhanyu had themselves photographed with Yessir Arafat?

Why oh Why Israel are you making Covenets with Modern Hamans/Hitlers? Huh Confused Huh Huh

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