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Israel new government
If bennet will not annex the Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria to the Republic of Israel..

How will he prevent a de facto Palestine state of Judea/samaria/Gaza with a "capital" of "East Jerusalem?
A Arab Palestine state that does not recognize Israel or Jews....
Only be establishing permanent Jewish presence in Jerusalem Judea and Samaria and Gaza can Israel with faith in the L-d survive.....
(06-15-2021, 07:16 PM)Jason Wrote: What do Americans think about the change of president?...
More Americans are likely to challenge his legitimacy:

' Wrote:...Having 300 ballots in your possession is suspicious. Having the ballots AND several drivers’ licenses clearly establishes intent to commit voter fraud...
Bennet and Bidden  agree on something together in Israel
Ahead of Meeting Biden, Israeli PM Says Settlement Growth Must Be Slowed (
Thumbs Down 
read this and weep O Israel Huh Confused Sick
Israel to lend PA 500 million shekels - Israel National News
The Triplets:
Abbas, Bennet and Bidden

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