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Jews of Iran and Arab World Are doomed
With the rise of Arab nationialism [1 king/1 religion/1 country/1 people] and Islam fundelmentalism [a "pure" form without contamination by anything '"Western"] plus the assendency of Iran as the "Champanion" of  such valves......The Jews who stay in the arab/Muslin states from  Morroco to Afghistan from Sudan to Turkey are doomed,,,,,,such as happened to the anti-Jewish pograms  of Bagdad in 1941....I have no doubt that the Jewish Communites in the Persian Gulf such as Unites Arab Emerites, and Bahrain will be Iran supported groups such as happened to the Jews of Yemem.....Galat Jews in Arab/Muslin states may hope that with their long residence in Galat, their insullarty  and their relations with the King/Shiek/President of their "galat" county will protect them...yet they have only three choices  to make...
For Life 1] They realize they are in danger and flee to Israel
For Life 2] The Prime Minister of Israel mounts a rescue mission and saves them..despite their wishes to stay in galat...
Doom   3] They refuse any rescue, stay and are destroyed...without mercy
 As long as the Jews of Iran refuse to go up They are already doomed. either way because.....
For when Iran launches Jihad against Israel..and WINS.....these rement will be destroyed in triumph
For when Iran launches Jihad against Israel..and LOSES.....these rement will be destroyed in revenge

Recently I came across the following article in regard to the Jewish community in Iraq From Haman to Rashid Ali = Rasha (wicked) The
Miraculous Salvation of Iraq’s Jews - Marking 80 years since the defeat of German proxies in Iraq - Jewish Stories ( Now
with the recent election of Ebrahaim Raisi as President of Iran I realized that an Anagram of five letters of his name also spell
Rasha -- If History repeats itself for the Jews within Iran reach {Iran; the Persian Gulf; Lebanon; Turkey; Egypt) - so may any Jewish
Person who reads this please pray to the L-d that he grant understanding to the Jews of these communities that their only chance
of survial is to flee to Israel while there is still time; also any Jewish person who reads this pray to the L-d that he grant
understanding to the US Goverment that the Iraqi Jewish Archive should returned to the Jews from iraq who are in Israel not to Bagdad
For the record this is my very, very last blog on this website...for I cannot say or write anything more..than what I have already written
Oh, that makes sense. You think that a discussion forum is the same as a blog. Now I understand what you've been doing.
Even the Jews of Spain are not exempt
The Jewish Community is Doomed. (
2017  World Jewish Population Map arab World  
Jewish Population Map - Bing images

Algeria    Jews from      50 to 50
Egypt      Jews from      40 to 9
Syria       Jews from      17 to 0
Iran        Jews from  8,700 to 8,500
Iraq        Jews from       5  to 3
Lebanon  Jews from     200 to 29
Lybia       Jews from        0 to 0
Morrocco  Jews from 2,000 to 2,100
Tunisa     Jews from 1,500  to 1,000
Yemen    Jews from       90 to 7-6
                             12,602  to 11,698

(06-13-2021, 11:53 AM)Nooone Wrote: For the record this is my very, very last blog on this website...

I'm always thankful to receive good news.
בקש שלום ורדפהו

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