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End of America Pax in Middle East near?
In Feb 1984 the US trained Lebanonese Army broke and fled
In 2013-2014 after Obuma spent $100,000,000 to train the Iraq Army to oppose the ISIL-the Iraqs either joined ISIL or fled
After 20 years in 2021 the US trained Afghanistan army vs the Taliban-the Afghans broke and fled

Both Isil and taliban got US Weopons free C/o of Obama and Bidden

{I still have a Pat Oliphant cartoon of WC Field/Uncle Sam remarking on loss of Vietnam as the Lebanonse army runs away....]
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The end of dream of America dominating the Arab World from Morroco to afghanistan...may the US never get caught in the quicksand of Arab politics again.....hopefully but on the other hand

So who are left of america Middle east Allies?
(Jewish) Israel...but Bidden wont help them although he does support Arab "Palestine"
Saudi Arabia...but their going to fall as well....probably the Hashamites will go from Jordan to seize Mecca and Medina and the oil fields they lost over 100 years ago (Thanks to the British Empire)
Jordan has already made an agressment with Iran to remain in power
Syria;Lebanon; Iraq and Yemen are in chaos
Egypt is anti-american
Turkey is going its own way -even seizing part of Northern Syria which it lost over 100 years ago and is a supprter of Hamas and the Muslin Brotherhood...and is allied with Iran

HAmas is also supported by Iran who also supports Hezbollah

Except for the L-d Doesnt anyone support Israel?
(08-14-2021, 11:09 PM)Nooone wrote: ...After 20 years in 2021 the US trained Afghastan army vs the taliban-the Afghastans broke and fled...
If the Americans had not waged their proxy war with the Soviet Union there, most of, if not entire, Afghanistan would now be a stable country. Let's wait and see if the Taliban keep their agreements with Russia and China. If the Taliban indeed do decide to interfere with the Chinese laying roadway and track through Afghanistan, the Chinese will in turn ruthlessly administer the Taliban a taste of their own medicine of which was long overdue.
American withdraw and impact on Israel
Quoting your posted article:
' wrote:...For Iran and Turkey, two countries with imperial pasts that dream of restoring their former glory...
This statement is true, regarding Turkey. Unlike Turkey however, Iran has no interests in territorial expansion. How many Iranian "Guest Workers" would you meet, besides academical ones at universities and hospitals? You never see ex-patriot Iranians conducting Trojan Horse expansionism through demographic displacement of host citizens and vote-dillution through "rights" granted to them through obtaining host citizenship.
Israel's existence depends on the West keeping its identity. Once every one of these western countries becomes Islamicized through pretences of "labor shortages" and "aging population threatened by low indegenous birth rates" of which "legitimize" immigration from barbaric places of origin, these countries will eventually become even more corrupt than they already are, to the point to where they will mirror the ancestral societies of these newcomers who settle in the countries they started undermining through the parallel societies they have carved out there for themselves.
Obuma even had his own Solution for keeping peace in Israel...which was to train the PLO (technically Palestianians but since Palestinians consider PLO their "Liberating Force" "Free "Mother Palestine"....PLO would have de facto gotten new weopons for nothing...)

This wasnt even a "new Solution" I remember when the US got in the Lebanon debacle...the "Palestianians" were to be trained with US weopans to become a force for stabilty/Peace in the Middle East
read and take the lesson about afghanstan

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