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Listen O Israel...Listen....
Choose not to be as thy forefathers..who while they helped build up a State for Jews....
1) Raised a generation who knew not the Torah
2) Hated and persecuted thy brother Jews claiming they were enemies....when in fact they were advesaries {Haganah vs Irgun)  or happened to be devoutly religious  {Yemenite Jews)
3) let a Brain drain of immigrant Jewish professors and physicians who must take jobs such as taximen or security guards....because their academic degrees are not recognized as valid....and the exanimine process is in hebrew which thye cannot write or speak...
4) I have read stories of Poor Jewish Immigrants who hav e went up to Israel..but must take low paying dead end jobs
and have to ask charity to survive....and yet thy duely elected going to:
A) Spend Millions of Sheleks to the Palestine Authority
B) tolerate Illegal Bedouin settlment...yet slow down Jewsih settlements
C) Accept only a gradual ammount of Jews from countires such as Ethiopia...yet is actally considering a plan to let thousands of Mulsin Afghans into Israel to settle asap
D) Partner with Arab Nationilistic Parties....yet refuse to partner with Jewish Orthadox political parties

Listen O Israel....Turn to the L-D...
For the poor the widow the orphans who reside admist you...
1) Take those million of shekels and sent up a supplemental Insurance among the things that can be done...
A) Those who are in nead..can live without being forced to shame themselves by begging...and certainly do not crush them with either high taxes or high rents....
For the PA give them nothing..not even a widow's mite
B) Sent up a university branch and designate it a piece of "International Terrority" where academics who were raised a s secular Jews who know not hebrew. can practice their professions...
Do not act like Gentiles...Jews are the People of Book...Live the Torah in your heart mind body and soul

Read and take the lesson to heart:

Of two possibilites of the Future of Jews and Israel


Bennet gives money to the PLO instead of to the Poor; his coalition partner are Arab Nationilists; on one of his party parterns wants to turn Israel into a Muslim majority state; he will not partner with Orthadox Jewish parties:
ANd Now.....

Those in Power Take heed of Aeriel Sharon mistake...

Benett plan to fight crime helping disadvantaged Arabs
Puting a fox in charge of chickens
Jews get out of UAE while you still can or else.... (

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