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Falasha Jews protest for their relaives
Hundreds in Israel protest for rescue of Ethiopia Jews - Breitbart
The problem (one of)

Other problems would be where to hold them until they go through coronavirus screenings and where to place them afterwards as there are no homes for them and the UNHCR won't supply the funds, tents,food,etc to do so.

Keep in mind that these people are Falash Mura and not Beta Israel
500 years ago Jews of Spain and Portugal were forced to convert to Christianity...when these Conversos were rediscovered over 100 years ago....The israeli Goverement had no problums with their immigration....
On February 16, 2003, the Israeli government applied Resolution 2958 to the Falash Mura, which grants maternal descendants of Beta Israel the right to immigrate to Israel under the Israeli Law of Return and to obtain citizenship if they convert to Judaism....The previous goverment had allowed a thousand or so to go regard to the Present Goverment now what could have happened to the public money..for these refugees of today? COuld the answear be....
Israel Will Bring 3,000 Ethiopians Of Questionable Heritage To Israel - The Yeshiva World

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