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O Israel Why...?
I came across a reports that 86 Israeli POWS were killed after capture in the 1973 war ..that this information was not released to the public but only to the Knesset....

why Israel hast thou remained silent when they sons and daugthers are killed by the heirs of Amalek; Haman; Hitler and the Grand Mufti?
Supposedly, this released information can be found here, without having to pay a Dollar to read it:

' Wrote:...The full materials can be found on the Israel State Archives' website...
This is not a new link, it is from 2013.

...At least 86 Israeli soldiers taken captive during the 1973 Yom Kippur War were murdered after surrendering, almost all of them killed before reaching prison in Cairo or Damascus. ... Israeli prisoners of war in Egypt returned home in November 1973, but the POWs captured in Syria were not released until June 1974....

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