B-Hebrew (short for Biblical Hebrew) is a long-standing online community for the study of the Hebrew language and issues relating to the Hebrew Bible. It came online as an interactive forum on October 1, 2013, having been operated as a listserv since its inception in 1992, originally created by David John Marotta, then passed on to Jonathan Robie (who still manages B-Greek), and most recently to Kirk Lowery.

The purpose of B-Hebrew is stated on the old mailing list information page:

B-Hebrew is an e-mail conference online forum of academic professionals, teachers, students, clergy and laity, people of any faith, devoted to a better understanding of the Hebrew Bible. As such we often discuss a variety of topics related to the Biblical languages, the history of the text and its study, the culture of the Ancient Near East, the literary analysis of the Hebrew Bible, and more.

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