For those who are curious, I want to update you regarding what we’re doing around here. We’ve started vamping up our YouTube channel ( /@TheHebrewCafe) with the hopes of becoming monetized.

With that in mind, we are now doing several live streaming sessions per week that include reading through the Book of Joshua in Hebrew and presenting work on the exercises in Weingreen’s popular Hebrew grammar (A Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew). In the meantime, we’ve set up a Patreon site for those who would like access to the videos in which we put together the English-to-Hebrew (E→H) exercises. Once we’re monetized on YouTube, we will be able to accept Superchats, too. Please help us grow the platform as we move forward.

Jonathan has been here with me at The Hebrew Café for some time. We’ve now brought on Luke Neubert as a regular guest host of our live streams. You’ll notice his blog posts below reviewing what we went over in the sessions.

Stay up with our schedule at the link above.

The second session of the Hebrew Café’s reading group on the 25th of November was a success. We hope the pace and the information was suitable for those joining us.


Some issues that were discussed:

V.7. חֲזַ֖ק וֶאֱמַץ. Both forms are imperatives. The root אמ׳׳ץ has two meanings and two different paradigms in modern Hebrew. The biblical meaning, “to take courage” follows the pattern here, אמ׳׳ץ with the meaning to complete or shut has the imperative 2ps form אֱמֹץ though this meaning is usually expressed with Binyan Piꜥel. עצמתי את העינים can also be said אימצתי את העינים but this is rare and very literary. The origin of this meaning seems to be Aramaic.


לִשְׁמֹ֤ר לַעֲשׂוֹת֙ This use of שמר is noted in Gesenius, HW, 1387 as „achtsam u. genau ausführen“ (implement something with exactness and attentively) especially in conjunction with עשה.

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The Hebrew Café began this week a new interactive live stream reading event with the goal of helping Hebrew learners of all levels engage with the Masoretic Text of Joshua.

These notes will assist you in reviewing what we covered in the one-hour session in case you missed the livestream, are short on time, or need further clarification on anything mentioned during the session. The reading group is focused upon grammatical and syntactical issues in the Masoretic Text, thus this blog will also serve to provide suggestions for further reading.

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