For those who are curious, I want to update you regarding what we’re doing around here. We’ve started vamping up our YouTube channel ( /@TheHebrewCafe) with the hopes of becoming monetized.

With that in mind, we are now doing several live streaming sessions per week that include reading through the Book of Joshua in Hebrew and presenting work on the exercises in Weingreen’s popular Hebrew grammar (A Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew). In the meantime, we’ve set up a Patreon site for those who would like access to the videos in which we put together the English-to-Hebrew (E→H) exercises. Once we’re monetized on YouTube, we will be able to accept Superchats, too. Please help us grow the platform as we move forward.

Jonathan has been here with me at The Hebrew Café for some time. We’ve now brought on Luke Neubert as a regular guest host of our live streams. You’ll notice his blog posts below reviewing what we went over in the sessions.

Stay up with our schedule at the link above.

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